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SANZMAG-1 aims to attract the best possible group of researchers and experimenters in the field throughout Australia and New Zealand and further afield in order to present the most relevent expert knowledge on molecular magnetism. The speakers at this workshop have very kindly agreed to give up their time and are travelling to the conference at their own expense in order to make SANZMAG-1 as accessible as possible for student attendees.

Confirmed speakers

Professor Sally Brooker
University of Otago
Professor Keith Murray
Monash University
Dr Colette Boskovic
University of Melbourne
A/Professor John Stride
University of New South Wales
Dr Richard Mole
Bragg Institute, ANSTO
Dr Jason Price
Macromolecular crystallography, Australian Synchrotron
Dr Guy N. L. Jameson
University of Otago
Associate Professor Matthew Shores
Colorado State University
Dr Alessandro Soncini
University of Melbourne
Professor Cameron Kepert
University of Sydney